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Stoppage of Obamacare Would Lead to Chaos, Nevada Official Says

  • Nov 06, 2020

The program administrator in Nevada showed signs of worry when asked about the consequences of the stoppage of Obamacare. It would be chaotic, and the system would head to an economic collapse.

Such an instance of fear exists concerning the end of Obamacare. President Obama started it to turn our healthcare system into an exemplary one for others to follow. 

Why Would the End of Obamacare Cause an Economic Collapse?

According to Heather Korbulic, executive director of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, medical providers would lose reimbursements for rendered services, and rural health facilities would suffer as payers diminish.

Medical Billing Services Role to Ease the Burden

We don’t want the data to go against Obamacare because its sustained healthcare support is tremendous. It continues to support people through the level of difficulty they are in; it is capable and remains meaningful for all the right reasons.

The role of medical billing services in such an atmosphere when we phase-out of the complex election 2020 process is going to be critical. Now, it is crucial to be proactive and vigilant. Getting practitioners paid for their services is actually what sustains and protects them across the emptiness of physical and mental hardships.

Korbulic further expressed the idea that our people have gone accustomed to living in a post-Affordable Care Act World. She said this in light of the Supreme Court hearing on the fate of Obamacare.

Will Justice Prevail for Obamacare? 

It is more likely that the court will leave the bulk of the Affordable Care Act in place, including protections for preexisting health conditions and subsidized insurance deductibles that apply to tens of thousands of Americans.  

Under the Act, 77,000 people in Nevada have made use of the state’s health care marketplace, while 262,000 have made use of the Medicaid expansion, Korbulic declared.

The Best Time to Get Insured is Now

The open enrollment period for the state’s marketplace goes until Jan 15, 2021. Heather endorsed the idea of enrollment until the mid of January because there is no better time to get insured.  

Insurance of every person living in Henderson, Nevada, is their right. Just like you receive the shelter of home, the freedom of speech, similarly, you deserve the right to be insured for health care. Not only limited to you but your loved ones as well.